icon representing quote for a new pool

1. Quote
Rob and Glenn will meet you onsite to discuss your design needs and send out a quote based on the design.

2. Preliminaries
Once you accept the quote we will sign a preliminary agreement

3. Plans We will get plans drawn up based on your designs and organise for approval from a Principle Certifying Authority.

4. Contract
Once plans are complete and we have the go ahead from the Certifier, we sign a contract and take a further 5% deposit.

5. Dig
Now the digging starts. This will usually take 2-3 days depending on site conditions.

6. Form and Steel
Immediately after the digging is completed, the form work and reinforcing steel goes in.

7. Pre Plumb
The skimmer box and pipework are installed to the reinforcing steel.

8. Concrete
Your pool will now be sprayed with concrete to complete the shell. The shell is then left for 28 days to cure.

9. Tiles
After curing, the waterline tiles and coping are added.

10. Fencing
Once the coping and any pool surrounds have been paved, the fence is erected.

11. Interior
The interior finish you have selected will now be applied. This takes one day, the pool will then be filled the following day.

12. Filtration Equipment
The pump and filter will be installed and then started up. The chemicals will then be added.

13. Swim
You can now jump in and enjoy your new pool!

14. Hand Over
Rob will come to your place and talk you through how to operate all your equipment, warranties and how to keep your pool clean.

15. Sign Off
Cloud 9 will register your pool with the NSW swimming pool register and have a private certifier inspect your pool to be signed off.